Vision & Mission



We are a responsive, accountable and broad-based political movement, that envisions a just, prosperous, peaceful, caring and empowered civil society anchored on social equity, a vigorous market economy, political openness, ecological balance and an honest, effective government.


We advocate for an active society that can hold those in power accountable, a society in which our constitution yields tangible benefits for all, especially those living on the margins and to create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is sovereign.



To deepen democracy through the promotion of good governance, democratic governance and social justice.


To build democracy through activism, education and collaboration.


To operate and maintain a community organization that is open, inclusive and accessible to all and that reaches out to all races, sexes, minorities and youth.


To create a social and economic environment where a sustainable development is guaranteed for the future generation.


To create equal opportunities for everyone in every field.


At the heart of our political movement lies a fundamental conviction that all citizens must live in a fair society where differences of opinions are accepted and respected and where oppression is not tolerated.



We believe in accountability, transparency and efficiency.


We believe that strengthening of democracy transcends political party affiliation.


We believe in strengthening our multiparty democratic system.


We believe in advocating for broader participation in governance and politics.


We believe in promoting an inclusive and empowered civil society.


We believe in focusing on awareness-and-capacity building.


We believe in responsible use of financial resources and organizational assets.


We believe in and subscribe to the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings.


We believe that our mission calls for non-traditional approaches that address the root causes of societal problems.


We welcome all and oppose discrimination based on race, color, spiritual belief, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and national origin.